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Heusinkveld Engineering Ultimate Pedals
"We loved the Heusinkveld Engineering Pro pedals but the Ultimates are something else and represent a big step up. They are like the Pro pedals in many ways but on steroids."

Heusinkveld Engineering Prototype Sequential Shifter
"The shifter has been in development for what seems an age and as you start to use it the reason for the long development time becomes clear. We are not looking at a simple device here, despite it's small size, the engineering and design of this is superb."

We now have two pedal reviews live.

HPP Pedals
"HPP Simulation has produced an exceptionally fine set of pedals. There are only a select few in the market that can compete with them. The quality of materials and the finish is easily the best we have seen and really can't be faulted."
Heusinkveld Engineering Pro Pedals
"As with all great engineering solutions the user is left thinking that it’s so simple why I couldn’t have designed that myself. The modular design is brilliant, although can be a challenge to mount depending on how you are setup"