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Conversion Kit Plug and Play 6x (Current Fanatec Wheels)

Conversion Kit Plug and Play 6x (Current Fanatec Wheels)

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Plug in and play conversion kit for current Fanatec Wheels

I can fit this kit to any Fanatec wheel in 3 minutes - So it should not take more than 5 minutes for most people.

Product replaced by 6.2x kit

New for 2023 I have developed a new version of my conversion kit for Fanatec steering wheels.

This new version labelled 6x has the same electronics as version 5x and uses the same firmware.

What is different is that you do not have to open your steering wheel to fit the conversion kit, making it much easier to attach and use.

  1. No need to open your steering wheel.
  2. Kit plugs onto the QR pins
  3. Firmly bolted to the QR pin plug
  4. New Coiled USB cables with standard micro–B USB plug
  5. USB cable clamp
  6. Easy to swap USB cables
  7. Available in Black and Red Anodized Aluminum
  8. Attach almost any QR system or bolt direct to wheelbase
The 6x kit is a little taller than the 5x because the QR pins are left on the wheel. With the 5x these are removed.

This kit will not replace the current 5x version but will be sold alongside. It is very useful for wheels like the BMW M4 which is difficult to open.

The Kit includes...
  • Version 6x PCB with female pin plugs
  • Aluminum QR mounting either in Black or Red colour
  • Coiled USB cable (Male A to male micro). gold plated connections
  • Custom USB clamp
  • USB cable plug cover
  • 5 x M5 16mm CAP bolts with black coating
  • 1 x M5 10mm CAP bolt with black coating
  • 5 x M4 35mm CAP bolts