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QR Adapter for Fanatec QR1 and QR2

QR Adapter for Fanatec QR1 and QR2

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This adapter allows you to attach a Fanatec QR1 or QR2 to one side and then attach the other side to a wheel.  Commonly used with the tiny emulator.

We have added the following hole patterns...

  •  6 x M5 threaded holes that match the Fanatec QR1 and QR2 mounting. This allows the Fanatec QR to be bolted to the adapter.
  •  4 x M5 threaded 70mm PCD holes to allow bolting a standard 70mm hole pattern wheel rim.
  •  6 x 5mm pass through holes for 50.8 PCD fittings.

You can use the adapter to either bolt onto a Fanatec wheel so that you can connect a QR of your choice. Or you can use it to connect a wheel to the Fanatec QR.

There are lots of combinations.  We use this on our McLaren, Formula V2 and Podium Emulator products

Made from Black anodised Aluminium. The threads can easily be drilled out if you need bolts to pass through any of the holes. Just use a 5mm drill bit.

Please remember that if you try and attach a non-Fanatec wheel to a Fanatec wheel base using this adapter you WILL NOT get any force feedback. The correct solution for this are either the Fanatec Hubs or my Emulator products.