Emulator for Fanatec Podium Wheel base (Leoxz QR)


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Just like our normal emulator this version has all the same features as the 5b PCB but has a special PCB designed to fit into the Leoxz QR for the Fanatec wheel base.

My Emulator makes the Fanatec wheel base think that a Fanatec wheel rim is attached.

I have only tested the Emulator product with PC as I do not support console.  I have no idea if it will work with console but I would assume not, so I only sell the product as compatible with PC

If the Fanatec wheel base does not see a Fanatec wheel attached Force Feedback is not enabled.

This product works with. these Fanatec wheel bases…

  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4 versions
  • Older CSL
  • CSL DD
  • Cheaper than the emulator with official Fanatec QR
  • Includes QR pins and SRM Emulator PCB
  • Includes plugs for a few buttons, a hat switch and shifters (You must wire these yourself)
  • The Leoxz QR has 6 x 5mm holes on the 70mm pattern (Not threaded)

This product uses the 2nd revision Leoxz QR and can be used on ANY Fanatec wheelbase including the DD1 and DD2.

  • Leoxz’s first version of this QR was not strong enough for the Podium wheel bases so they released a revised version that includes a change to the grove and the ability to bolt to the shaft (as per the official Fanatec QR).
  • Using the emulator for anything other than Force Feedback is not supported by me and is offered so that you can create your own DIY solution.  I sell a few items to help with this, but you need to create your own solution.
  • This is for PC use only – We do not expect it to work on an XBOX or PS4

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United Kingdom (UK)

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