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This is a part made by MME Motorsport in Slovenia.

It is designed to go onto a Fanatec wheel and then allow locking securely onto a Fanatec wheel-base shaft.  Like the Fanatec QR1 and QR2 the adapter has a hole through the middle so the wheel pin plug can connect to the wheel-base.

The difference between this and a Quick Release is that it bolts onto the shaft rather than clipping on.  This means you can get a rock solid attachment.

  • Bolt on so rock solid.
  • Ideal if not changing wheel rims and you want to avoid flex.
  • Can be used with the SRM Emulator to use non-Fanatec wheels on a Fanatec wheel-base.
  • Works on all Fanatec wheel-bases from CSL, CSW to Podium.

If you buy this part direct from MME Motorsports it comes with black steel grub screws.  I am worried that these will damage the wheel-base shaft where the QR bearings go.  To prevent this I am including a range of alternative M6 screws….

  • Includes original black Steel M6 Grub Screws.
  • SRM Include Black Nylon M6 thumb screws (Will not damage wheel-base)
  • SRM Include White Nylon M6 thumb screws (Will not damage wheel-base)
  • SRM Include Silver grub screws with nylon insert (Will not damage wheel-base)

All of the above bolts are included so you can try them and use the ones you think best.  I would appreciate feedback from you about which work best.

This is an interesting alternative to a QR

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 12 cm


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