Shaft Extension Kit For Fanatec Wheel Base


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This product is the result of a customer request.

I have had a few people complain about this product, mainly because the parts do not neatly line up with the logos.  This is because the parts were not designed together – it is just a collection of parts offered to enable an extension to work.  

If you wish to purchase this product please contact me first.  They will only be made to order and you need to understand that it is more of a DIY product that perfect.  So only for customers that do not mind it not being perfect and needing a bit of DIY.

Designed to allow you to extend the distance a wheel sits from the motor.  Basically it uses a wheel side and base side QR attached to a spacer and with a pin plug cable extension.

The parts included are…

  • SRB Male QR
  • SRM Emulator Pillar Parts less the star shape that’s not needed.
  • SRM New QR Adapter (in above)
  • SRB QR pin attachment parts
  • Male Pin Plug to HY 12 pin (in above)
  • Female Pin Plug to HY 12 Pin
  • HY Pin Plug Join PCB with Female plugs
  • Bolts

The Kit does not include a Fanatec QR or a spacer.

Photos show a Fanatec CSW QR1 Quick Release and an SRM 50mm Spacer (Neither are included but available separately)

Additional information

Weight 1250 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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