SRM Emulator Special For LeoXZ XF1 Wheel (Fanatec)


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This is a temporary product to help people that have purchased the LeoX1 XFZ wheel but cannot use it on thier Fanatec wheelbase.

They are having problems with wheelbase compatability at the moment.  Only the CSW wheelbase is working reliably with thier software.

I am offering this product to try and help while they sort the problems.

The kit includes the following

  • My Emulator PCB attached to a 3D printed mount which is then attached to an Aluminium adapter
  • My replacement Fanatec pin plug
  • Cable from Emulator  to the wheel for power
  • Bolts and tools needed

The price is kept as low as I can to try and help out.

See instructions for full details.

Additional information

Weight 500.0000 g
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 cm


Fitting Instructions


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