SRM Software instructions

SRM Software Instructions and Firmware descriptions

Before reading this please check that you have a conversion kit that is compatible with the software. Does you kit PCB look like these?

Conversion kits using these PCB’s are properly supported and we are developing the firmware all the time. Firmware is the software on the PCB that tells it what to do. In this case convert what the steering wheel does and send it to the computer using USB.

The SRM software application allows you to check your conversion kit and update the firmware.

Simply open the software and plug in your conversion kit to the USB on your computer. It will show up even if a wheel is not connected. When a wheel is attached the software will display the wheel and give you information about it.

If you want to update the firmware click on the “Kit Firmware Update >>” button. This will open up the firmware side of the application.

Next select the firmware you would like to apply and click on Flash Firmware and wait while it does it’s job.

Once flashed there will be a slight delay and the kit will reset again while it sets or resets the kit serial number.

Now your kit should show the new version number in the software and you are good to go.

Firmware Versions

There have been various versions in the life of this conversion kit starting at version 3.2, we now have 4.10 and 5.21 as options.

You can flash firmware up and down without any issues.

Firmware 4.10

This firmware, like all before it, takes the wheel and generates basic USB functions as a Game Controller. It uses standard windows drivers and no software is needed for the buttons, shifters and switches. To make the LED’s and Display work you have to use This software is fairly basic and allows the main functions to work.

Firmware 4.10 will only allow limited LED and display functions and these will not work on all wheels. However, it does have custom button mapping so products like the Universal Hub have unique button allocation for all of the wheels buttons including the rubber ones at the top.

Firmware 5.25

5.25 is a very minor update – the only change to 5.24 is to fix the shifters on the Universal Hub V1

Firmware 5.24

5.24 fixes a few issues following customer feedback.

  • BME was not detected properly in Fanatec drivers. This update makes it get picked up more reliably.
  • McLaren V2 wheel had a bug in iRacing where using the clutches for Throttle / Brake became very jerky.

I have also been investigating issues reported with iRacing and the BMW M4 LED’s going out after a period of time. To fix this you need to ensure the Fanatec driver and Fanalab are both running. Also, make sure both the Display and Rev LED tick boxes in the options iRacing page are both unticked.

The Fanatec driver application will show that there is a CSL Elite PS4 wheel base attached together with your wheel.

Firmware 5.23

This is a minor update to fix a few things…

  • Fix / Change the clutch bite point so that pulling the released paddle will allow 100% clutch again.
  • Fix issue with BME where side / flag LED’s sometimes stick on or off.

Firmware 5.22

This has been removed as it has a bug in it. Please let me know if you have this and flashing to 5.23 causes a problem.

Firmware 5.21

This is our latest and greatest firmware for sure. Unlike 4.10 this uses Fanatec drivers and software, so you will need to have them installed. The advantage if this is that we can make everything on the wheel work the same as if it were connected to a Fanatec wheel base.

  • All LEDs will work
  • Enhanced display functions
  • Change the way rotary switches work
  • Change the way the clutch works
  • Full bite point clutch control
  • Save up to 5 different settings
  • Switch modes or settings using the wheel display
  • Easy to make work in game

To use this firmware…

  • Install Fanatec drivers (tested with version 4.50)
  • Install Fanalab if you want more control
  • Plug in the wheel and go racing

Firmware 5.21 also allows the Podium Endurance Button Box to be used when attached to a Universal Hub or Podium Hub. However, to make this work you will need a newer version of the PCB and connection cable. PCB’s 3.4, 3.6 and 6.6 are needed. These are in the 5.2x and 6.2x conversions kits (when available).

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