QR2 Adapters coming soon

QR2 Adapters coming soon

As the Fanatec QR2 becomes more popular I have started working on supporting it with my conversions.

I already have designed a wall mount with Sim Demon that is ready to go for the QR2 and have also put into production a generic QR2 to 70mm hole pattern adapter. This will work for my Base side conversion kits and accept the new QR wheels.

Being away for an extended holiday I don't expect the adapter to be available until Mid-January, but it is on it's way.

You can see a 3D drawing here https://a360.co/3QMY9xO

Update - 20th January 2024

I commissioned 200 of the base side QR parts and they arrived looking beautiful a few days ago.

Unfortunately, when a wheel is attached there is a little but of side to side play, so the design is not quite right. I'm sure it would be ok as it is, but that's not the way I want things to be so I need to modify and get new batch made i'm afraid. It's hard working on these because without the wheel attached it feels rock solid.

I don't know if there would be any interest in these with the promise of an updated version to follow... personally I would prefer to wait and get it rights first. The items I have currently will make superb wall mounts, so they won't be wasted.

Update - 12th May 2024

At last I received the latest sample for testing and can confirm that it was perfect.  So I can now order these as a proper product and get things moving.

ETA estimate is middle of June 2024. 

Update - 14th June 2024

delighted that these are now here and on the shop.  

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These are now ready and stock will be on the shop imminently

Simon Maltby

See the new update – Things are getting there ETA mid June

Simon Maltby

Any news ?? Thanks for that adapter coming ;)

Lesoye Renaud

Nothing certain i’m afraid. A new prototype is being worked on but I don’t expect that until the end of April. The ones with a little play are now for sale as Wall Mounts :)

Simon Maltby

Hi, Simon.
Do you have any updates about QR2 base side?


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