This page will be updated regularly with Sim Racing Machines news. What's new or has changed...

Latest news at 21st June 2024

As ever there is lots going on here and I remain busy.

New shop features...

Firstly there are some new features on the shop that I hope you will find useful:  To help pick the right product for your needs I am gradually adding a series of wizards.  These will ask you questions and based on your answer recommend the correct products. 


 I hope you will find these useful.

New products...

 During the month I have added several new products to the shop.

New version of the Fanatec wheel Emulator

Slimmer and lighter design.  Don't pay extra for button headers if you don't need them.

New version of the older Fanatec wheels to QR1 / QR2

Again, slimmer and lighter design

QR2 base side part for extensions and the Base side kit

Use the QR2 or QR1 on the base side conversion kit


Tiny Emulator new case design

Fully enclosed 3D printed case which bolts together instead of being glued.


New products in the works and stocking status...

 Here are just a few of the things I'm working on, there are plenty of others but I can't list them all.

QR1 base side for the Fanatec CSW wheelbase

Fanatec described this as a type F but have not delivered so I am making my own version to help out while Fanatec sort it out..

Replacement bolts for the Club Sport V3 Pedals

These often get damaged, so I am adding a pack of these shortly.

SRM Branded 2M long USB 3.0 Extension cables

Re-stocking the SC2 QR Slim Adapter (Due mid July)


Conversion kit news...

Nothing is really changing with the physical conversion kits, but new firmware V6.00 is nearly ready.  This version has been a long time in development and is a complete re-write designed to make it easier to maintain and add features.

  • Should be more reliable.
  • Rally box display
  • Various LED fixes
  • Fix clutch mode issues


I would like to continue to thank you all for your support.  Sim Racing Machines would not be making these products and developing new ones without you guys buying them and providing feedback.