Working on FIxes and updates

Working on FIxes and updates

It gets really busy in the shop nowadays and I thought it would be useful to know what i'm working on.

Some of these are bug fixes, new developments or just general product making tasks.

Current bugs / issues that I am working on:

  • Emulator does not work properly with the New CS DD Wheel base.

    • This is limited to some newer from the latest batch. Only the full emulator is affected the Tiny Emulators all work perfectly. Please contact me if you are having this issue.

    • Issue: The wheel is either not seen at all or it flashes in the Fanatec driver software.

  • Some BMW M4 wheels loose the left side LED's or all LED's which go black and don't come back until the wheel is re-connected.

  • When flashing updated firmware to a kit with the Universal Hub, sometimes the kit looses all it's code and becomes useless.

New developments:

  • Fanatec Podium Rally Module

    • Currently this is not working with any conversion kit.

  • Base side for Fanatec QR2

    • First batch of these has some play and so need revising.

  • Asetek internal USB between conversion kits and Asetek QR

    • Nearly there

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