5.2x and 6.2x conversion kits live

New versions of our conversion kits are now in stock and live in the shop. These allow ALL current Fanatec steering wheels to be converted including the Podium Endurance Button Box.

The new kits needed to use additional pin connection to the wheel because the button box uses a completely different communication protocol. This is why it needed new PCB's and a few extra parts which is why they are a little bit more expensive.

While making the new PCB's I thought you might like to see some details of how they are made.

Firstly the PCB design is sent over to the PCB maker. They send them to a local company called Circuitbase who add all of the surface mount components.

After this the PCB's pass through an oven to melt the solder and secure the parts.

Finally the connection pins on the 6.2x boards are added using my own template. Currently these are manually soldered on, but the template is designed to attach to a soldering robot once we have that configured.

After this the pin cover is added. This not bolts onto the PCB so that it does not fall off in transit.

Finally, every board is programmed with the current firmware and manually tested to ensure it's all working on a real Fanatec wheel.

Hope you enjoy this little insight into how your purchases are made


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