This year I have been working very hard on improving the way the conversion kit works in game.

I am only able to offer improvements to the 5x and 6x conversion kits because they use my own hardware PCB's where I have full control of the firmware. Your conversion kit PCB must be one of these to take advantage of the new software development.

The aim of the new software is to make the kits work using Fanatec drivers and software. This will help enable all of the wheel features and make the converted wheels easy to use in games.

With the latest firmware for the wheels this has been achieved and it is currently available for Beta testing by using my software update tool. This is available here

I was really lucky to find a great programmer that has helped make all this possible. Mohamed Menazaa from Alexandria in Egypt has worked really hard to make all of this possible. Mohamed describes himself as an Embedded Systems Engineer who is passionate about Robotics Technologies and how it shapes the world and society. He is very well educated with a Bachelor of Engineering from Alexandria University.

The current firmware, version 5.10 now opens up all of the wheel features including Flag LED's and the BMW GT3 M4 wheel LED's. You can set clutch bite points and even store them just like on a Fanatec wheel base.

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