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Plug in and play conversion kit for current Fanatec Wheels including the Podium Endurance Button Box 

The 6.2x is the same as the 6x kit, but with additional hardware to support the Podium Endurance button box (BME).  This requires two additional pins to be used and a couple of extra resistors.  The kit will work on the same wheels as the 6x but also the BME, so you do not need this version unless you will use the button box.

The BME must be used together with either the Podium Hub, Universal Hub V2.

I can fit this kit to any Fanatec wheel in 3 minutes – So it should not take more than 5 minutes for most people.

This new version labelled 6.2x has the same electronics as version 5.2x and uses the same firmware.

What is different is that you do not have to open your steering wheel to fit the conversion kit, making it much easier to attach and use.

  1. No need to open your steering wheel.
  2. Kit plugs onto the QR pins
  3. Firmly bolted to the QR pin plug
  4. New Coiled USB cables with standard micro–B USB plug
  5. USB cable clamp
  6. Easy to swap USB cables
  7. Available in Black and Red Anodized Aluminum
  8. Attach almost any QR system or bolt direct to wheelbase

The 6x kit is a little taller than the 5x because the QR pins are left on the wheel.  With the 5x these are removed.

This kit will not replace the current 5x version but will be sold alongside.  It is very useful for wheels like the BMW M4 which is difficult to open.

The Kit includes…

  • Version 6.7x PCB with female pin plugs
  • Aluminum QR mounting either in Black or Red colour
  • Coiled USB cable (Male A to male micro).
  • Custom USB clamp
  • USB cable plug cover
  • 5 x M5 16mm CAP bolts with black coating
  • 1 x M5 10mm CAP bolt with black coating
  • 5 x M4 35mm CAP bolts

Additional information

Weight 1000.0000 g
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 9 cm
Which colour would you like?




Your Fanatec wheel must have come with one of these Quick releases. The QR is not required for the conversion.


You can use this conversion kit on any wheel base.  The functions of the wheel are via the USB cable direct to your PC only the physical connection to the wheel base is needed by bolting the wheel direct to the wheelbase or using a QR system.

These are popular connection methods for various wheelbases.


PC only not suitable for console.

Should work with all games.


6x Conversion kit LINK
6x Fitting Instructions (All Wheels)
Using your converted wheel


SRM Conversion Kit Software For the latest live and Beta firmware
Latest Fanatec Drivers If using SRM Firmware 5.21 or greater
Fanalab Software If using SRM Firmware 5.21 or greater
6x, 6.2x Drawing
5x, 5.2x Drawing
Leo Bodnar Latest Last version for Leo Boards
Leo Bodnar 2.43 2.52 and 2.53 For Formula V2 and McLaren GT3 V2 conversions
Leo Bodnar 2.43 and 2.50 For Formula V2
Leo Bodnar 2.43 and 2.52 For Formula V2 and WRC
Leo Bodnar HID Flash Tool Tool for flashing Leo Board if issues with other files
SRM Kits with Teensy hardware
Conversion kit flashing tool This is included in the Firmware zip files

Not sure which conversion kit version you have? Check it here…

Fanaleds Used to control LED’s and the display on our kits
SLIMax Manager Pro Alternative to Fanaleds
Game integration help Some games try and control the conversion directly, this page will help you turn that off
DIVIEW Simple tool for testing buttons in windows
Joystick Test Good tool to test buttons in windows, works with more buttons than DIView so will show all buttons for McLaren wheel.  You may need DX9 installing
DX9 If Joystick test crashes you probably need to install this to fix.

5 reviews for Conversion Kit Plug and Play 6.2x

  1. 5 out of 5

    denzil.nedd (verified owner)

    Ordered from Canada. My experience was quick processing, shipping and the product quality is amazing. they even sent tools. I love SRM. It took me a total of 3 business days from when I submitted my order.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Wilfried Lohmann (verified owner)

    It is my third conversion-kit from Simon and my first 6.2 conversion-kit. Everything works perfect. Thank you Simon and i wish you and your family nice christmas and a happy new year. 👍👍👍

  3. 5 out of 5

    stuart gibbons (verified owner)

    I ordered one day and they came the next, so big thumbs up. Very easy to install and once Fanalabs sorted it’s self out my podium wheel works perfectly on a Simucube base. Very solid and high quality product and I can’t recommend enough and has saved me having to sell two wheels that I really like. Super impressed

  4. 5 out of 5

    Dean Pryce (verified owner)

    Awesome. Moved to Simucube 2 Pro, and already had some fanatec wheels so this is a great option. Easy to fit and don’t have to open the wheel is a big plus. All functionality within the fanatec control panel for the wheel and LEDs work great. Already put a second order in for my other fanatec wheel.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Geoffrey Saville (verified owner)

    I’ve just moved from a Fanatec DD1 to a Simucube 2 Pro. There are many great wheel options for Simucube, but I love the Fanatec Podium Shifters and Endurance Button Module I already had.

    I was skeptical about this conversion kit, but very happy to report it works as advertised. Install was pretty straightforward. Documents for installation could be a little clearer. The pictures are a bit misleading. But very happy with the 6.2x kit. Can’t wait to see how much more the improve the firmware. It’s already 90% of the functionality I had on a native Fanatec base.

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