New V6 emulator and QR2 / QR1 adapter for older Fanatec wheels delayed

New V6 emulator and QR2 / QR1 adapter for older Fanatec wheels delayed

I am really sorry everyone, but the new parts for these products arrived today and I made a mistake with the pin plug part so it does not fit inside the QR's !!!!

I used my original design forgetting that for the older production version I made some alterations before they were made... so these new ones, although looking fantastic don't fit.

This is the part thats affected.

All the other parts are perfect and ready to go, so it's so frustrating that I made this error.
Personally, I prefer that this part is Aluminium to match the rest of the parts, but in reality it is not a structural part and does not have any forces going through it, so a Plastic (3D Printed) part would do the job just as well.
I am commissioning a revised part to be made immediately and do everything I can to get them as soon as I can, but I expect it to be 3-4 weeks at least I'm afraid.
I you are desperate for one of these products and would like one with this part either 3D printed or adjusted on my lathe (This will mean most of it will be bare Aluminium as I will have to shave off the anodising and some of the material). Please drop me an email or message.  I can gladly make a batch with imperfect parts.
UPDATE 11th June 2024
I decided to make a 3D printed part and get some product out there.  After 4 - 5 prototype versions I got it working really well and very secure.
Here are some photos showing the 3D printed part on the product.  I am quite happy to sell them with this.
I have also ordered the replacement Aluminium parts which I expect early in July.
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I have decided to make some with the 3D printed pillar. Will add photos to the main blog.

Edwin, the price is the same for metal or 3D printed… in fact the 3D print will cost me more especially in time. I won’t share the 3D print files, mainly because it’s needs to be very precise and needs some manual finishing to work properly.

The products are now available in the shop with the 3D printed part. I have also ordered the replacement Aluminium version.

Simon Maltby

I‘m not sure.. this part is holding only for the pins right. The qr is on the outside with takes all the forces from the base. What’s the price for that? I own an 3d printer so I can print it

Erwin Heimgartner

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