Fanatec DD Shaft adapters

Fanatec DD Shaft adapters

I get asked a lot for ways to get rid of the Fanatec QR system on their direct drive wheelbases. Last year. Ramsey Connely created a design for the DD1 and DD2 which has been very popular. The time has come for me to review that design and also try to expand it to work with the CSL DD as well.

Today i started work on some new prototypes

Remember, if you use a Fanatec Wheelbase without a Fanatec steering wheel attached you will not get any force feedback. To make this work with the shaft adapter it need the Emulator PCB adding, so anything I design here will allow adding the Emulator.

The current shaft adapter allows the emulator PCB to be fitted, but not easily, it is quite cramped and by default cannot include the button headers. The new designs aim to keep the adapter shorter and allow bolting the emulator with it's casing. I have used a 50.8 mm hole pattern to keep the making simple. This can bolt to the Emulator, star shaped, case or just to a 50.8 mm wheel or a 50.8 mm to 70 mm adapter.

I am thinking of adding 3 threaded holes and 3 non-threaded. The non-threaded would be used to attach to the emulator case.

This is the new DD1 / DD2 adapter design.

Using the same basic design I have also created an adapter for the CSL DD. The prototype fits perfectly when 3D printed. The next stage is to get it made in Aluminium.

The CSL DD needs a complex USB Type C plug on the end, which I have yet to work out. I am sure that can be done and that's my next task.

Hope you like the ideas, please give me any feedback or ideas.


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Hoping you could create a Sim racing bay for QR2

Daryll Piedad

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