Fanatec Rally Button box

Fanatec Rally Button box

With the launch of this new product from Fanatec I keep getting asked which conversion kit will be needed for it. Well the answer is that until I get hold of one I cannot tell. It looks likely that the way it works will be much the same as the BME (Podium Button Module Endurance) as the connection looks to be the same. Therefore the 6.2x conversion kit will be needed.

There is a strong possibility that I we will need to add new code to the conversion kit firmware for the new product and there is absolutely no guarantee that we will be able to make it work at all. What I can tell you is that we will be trying.

We ordered 2 units the day they were available for sale, but despite them showing as in stock it looks like they were not and we will be waiting until late November at the earliest.

We also will be looking at the possibility of making the BME and the Rally boxes work with their own conversion and not requiring the Podium or Universal Hub. This will open up lots of interesting opportunities.... so watch this space for updates.

Update 20th January 2024

I now have the rally hub here. I can confirm that it does not work with the current conversion kits. I will be working on new firmware next week which I hope will get it working. I will keep adding updates here.

UPDATE 7th February 2024

I am please to say that I have just added Firmware update 5.28 which has support for the Rally button box now :)

Although all the buttons and switches work, the display and LED control is not yet implemented. I'm confident we can get that working in the future.

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