SRM USB Cables

SRM USB Cables

USB cables have always been a big part of my conversion kits. In the early days of the business getting good coiled USB cables was a real challenge. After a while demand was big enough to enable me to commission custom cables.

The first cables had had made required a minimum order of 1,500 and it was a real risk ordering them, but so far I have had over 5,000 of them. These cables have a 5mm outer diameter and are very robust. Many wheel makers buy their cables from me.

With the launch of my 6x conversion kit I decided to move to a 4mm OD cable with micro-USB plug on the end making them a full USB cable rather than bare wires on one end. These have been great, but I did order them with a casing that was a little too large.

The latest batch are from a different supplier. I did a lot of testing before commissioning custom specification. These are now ready and on their way to me. Fully certified USB 2.0 and with metal casing and branding. Slightly larger at 4.2mm OD

Here is a video showing the new cable.

I thought you might also like to see a couple of videos the supplier sent me during the manufacture...

I hope you can see the care I take to secure the best quality components

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