Podium Endurance Button Box

Podium Endurance Button Box

Podium Button Module Endurance

I am delighted to announce that we have finally managed to get the Podium Endurance Button Box working with our conversion kit.

This has been really difficult as the button box uses a totally different communication method to Fanatec wheels in general. But thanks to Mohamed and Etienne at Electro Seed we are just about there and will be able to offer kits for it very soon.

We have it working in conjunction with the Podium Hub so far. So if you have the Porsche GT3 wheel package then you will be soon be able to use it on other wheel bases.

At the moment we have all of the buttons and switches working plus the LED's and basic display. The display currently works like the other wheels just with 3 digits. In the future we hope to get the telemetry data working as well.

The only downside to this work is that it will need a new conversion kit PCB. We cannot add it to existing 5x and 6x kits because it requires 2 extra wires connecting to the wheel. We will offer PCB upgrades.

We hope to have the new PCB's and kits for this ready in early June 2023.

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