Shipping expansion

Shipping expansion

One thing that causes me a lot of stress and forces me to close the shop when I go away is shipping. As a small one-man business I have to be here for couriers and with the volume of orders i'm currently receiving (Thank you all), I have reached the decision that I need some support.

From the beginning of Feb 2024 i'm delighted to let you know that Sim Demon will be holding my stock and packing the orders ready for courier collection. I know Paul the owner of Sim Demon very well, they are local to me and have the same ethos - the customer comes first - way of operating.

Sim Demon have offices in the town of Tiverton (Devon UK) and therefore are far more suited for courier collections (the SRM office is very rural which can lead to missed collections).

Shipments will be packaged in the same way as always and will be shipped using my courier accounts, so nothing will change with regard to shipping speed and quality. What will change is that orders will ship even if I am away.

The change will also give me more time to focus on development, fixes and new products.

Please join me in thanking Paul and his team for taking this on.

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