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Conversion Kit 5.2x PCB Upgrade

Conversion Kit 5.2x PCB Upgrade

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Convert your Fanatec wheel to USB
Conversion kit PCB for current Fanatec wheels including the Podium Endurance Button Box

This is just the PCB and cable to the wheel PCB. It is offered to allow you to upgrade a 5x wheel side conversion kit to the new hardware and make it work with the Endurance button box.

The 5.2x is the same as the 5x kit, but with additional hardware to support the Podium Endurance button box (BME). This requires two additional pins to be used and a couple of extra resistors. The kit will work on the same wheels as the 5x but also the BME, so you do not need this version unless you will use the button box.

The BME must be used together with either the Podium Hub, Universal Hub V2.

The Kit includes...
  • Version 5.4 or above SRM PCB
  • HY 12 pin cable with additional 2 wires to kit PCB
  • HY 12 pin to JST PH 12 pin adapter cable
What will work once the wheel is converted?

The PCB requires my firmware 5.2 or above to recognise the Button Box. This firmware requires Fanatec drivers and you can also use Fanaleds.

All functions on the wheel will work and can be controlled from the Fanatec driver software or the wheel display. Its just like using the wheel on a Fanatec wheel base.

With Firmware 5.2 we have not managed to enable the telemetry on the BME display yet, but will look into this in future firmware.

What wheelbase can I use?

The converted wheel can be used with any wheelbase / Direct Drive system. Because the wheel plugs directly into your PC it is independent of the wheelbase.

What you do need to do, however, is attach the wheel physically to the wheelbase. You can either use a Quick Release system or bolt the converted wheel direct to the wheelbase shaft adapter.