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OEM QR2 Wheel-Side

OEM QR2 Wheel-Side

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Chinese OEM version of the QR2 wheels side.

I found these available from China and was intrigued so ordered some to try.  To be honest I cannot tell the difference between these and the official Fanatec version.  Even the pin washer thats supplied looks exactly the same.  I would not be surprised if they came from the same factory.

Comes in a proper box, again very similar to the official Fanatec one.

  • Black Anodised finish.
  • Plastic washer for the Pin plug.
  • Replacement bolts for the pin plug.
  • Torx tool.
  • Hex Keys.

Their description...

- Motorsport-derived quick release (wheel-side)
- CNC-machined and black anodised finish
- QR2 design
- Spring-loaded locking pin mechanism is far stronger and more secure than QR1
- Tapered shape naturally ensures a tight fit
- No additional locking parts or adjustments required
- Transfers power and data from an original Wheel Base for Fanatec to an original Steering Wheel for Fanatec
- Can be attached to Wheel Base without touching the spring-loaded sleeve mechanism
- For all Fanatec Steering Wheels with an exchangeable quick release (see compatibility list below)
- Connects to all QR2 Base-Side variants