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SRM Emulator V6 for Fanatec Wheel-Base

SRM Emulator V6 for Fanatec Wheel-Base

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SRM Wheel Emulator V6 for Fanatec wheel base

I'm very sorry but the new aluminium parts for this arrived today (10th June 2024) and I made an error with the new pin mount part eeek, so they will need to be re-made.

SEE BLOG (Click Here)

I would like to hear if you, my valued customers, would be willing to accept either a 3D printed version, or the aluminium ones machined down on my local lathe.  This would mean that most of the black anodising would be missing and some of the part would be silver.

This is not a structural part, it does not need to be strong and is also hidden when the QR is added

I have decided to release the first batch with a 3D printed Pin Mount part.  These have been fully tested and are perfectly good enough.  They just don't look quite as nice.  Images of the actual product with the 3D Printed part below.


My Emulator makes the Fanatec wheel base think that a Fanatec wheel rim is attached.

Version 6 of the emulator builds on the success of V5 with these new benefits...

  1. 22% shorter than my V5 version.
  2. All electronics are inside the pin plug.
  3. Can accept threaded or non-threaded attachment on the 70mm and 50.8mm hole patterns.
  4. Button plugs are now an addon keeping the core price low.
  5. Adapter to accept Fanatec gear shifters

The standard version includes the Aluminium case, Pin Plug and the main PCB which will just force the Fanatec wheelbase to give force feedback.

Pro version, includes the add-on PCB with headers for shifters, some buttons and our Hat Switch.

The Ultimate version also includes the Fanatec gear shifter mounts and adapter cables for Fanatec shifters to the 2 pin plug on the emulator.  This is only for a single pair of shifters not the APM.  There is no ability for clutches.I have only tested the Emulator product with PC as I do not support console. I have no idea if it will work with console but I would assume not, so I only sell the product as compatible with PC

I have designed the new PCB's to plug together as needed, so you can upgrade later to add the button header board.  To keep things simple these boards will also be used in the tiny emulator once existing stock it sold... meaning the PCB will be interchangeable between the full conversion kit and the tiny case. 

If the Fanatec wheel base does not see a Fanatec wheel attached Force Feedback is not enabled.

  • Emulator in custom Aluminum case which is Black Anodized.
  • Mounting plate for the QR
  • SRM male pin plug for Fanatec wheels

This product comes as just the Emulator with male pins to connect to the Fanatec wheel base. You must use a Fanatec Quick Release with the emulator otherwise you cannot attach it to the wheel base.

  • Requires a Fanatec CSL QR1 (Plastic), CSW QR1 (Metal) or the new QR2 Quick release
  • Fanatec sell the CSW QR1 and QR2 on their website, or we hold some stock here.
  • Fitting the Quick release is very easy and just requires attaching 4 bolts

This product works with. these Fanatec wheel bases...

  • Podium DD1 and DD2
  • CSW all versions 1, 2 and 2.5
  • CSL Elite Xbox and PS4 versions
  • Older CSL
  • CSL DD
  • CSL DD Pro
  • CS DD
  • CS DD+
  • If using the QR2 you will need the QR2 wheelbase part from Fanatec as well.

This is for PC use only - We do not expect it to work on an XBOX or PS4

Using the emulator for anything other than Force Feedback is not supported by me and is offered so that you can create your own DIY solution. I sell a few items to help with this, but you need to create your own solution.

The PCB's are very small at just 26mm diameter.