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SRM Gear Shifter Set Lite Version

SRM Gear Shifter Set Lite Version

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Sim Racing Machines gear shifter set Lite Version

The Lite version of my shifter set is exactly the same as the full version but without all of the extras. With parts becoming more expensive and difficult to get this new version is easier for me to make and is a way of keeping a really great price. The actual shifters are exactly the same.

Unlike other shifters available at the moment ours can be customised, upgraded and parts can be replaced. Most shifters are sealed and it is not easy to replace parts. Our shifters can be opened up easily and most parts can be replaced.

Beautifully made from Aluminium which is lightly sandblasted before being anodised to give the highest quality finish.

Dual buttons on a custom PCB. Using dual buttons inside the shifter ensures that the arm will not rock from side to side, it also provides redundancy. The buttons we use are mechanically rated at 1,000,000 clicks and even when they wear out, you can simply replace the PCB with a new one from our spare parts catalogue.

Shifters have no fixed wires. There are two plugs on each shifter so you can easily replace the cable or change it if you need to fit the shifters to a different wheel. One plug is underneath the shifter and the other is at the back, either can be used. The plugs on the shifters are JST PH 2.0, 2 pins.

We are confident that these are some of the lowest and most compact gear shifters on the market.

Don't be put off by the price of these gear shifters they are very high quality and made from machined Aluminium.


  • Weight: 48 grams with 5mm tall magnets and the Aluminium arm but excluding the paddles.
  • Height: 25.27mm
  • Width: 28.80mm
  • Magnets: N52 5mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Changeable Aluminium arm (Carbon Arm is not included)
  • Adjustable travel (Via 2 grub screws)
  • Dual switch buttons on replaceable PCB
  • Button mechanical life 1,000,000 gear changes **
  • Removable cable
  • Dual bolt mounting pattern

** We have tested a set of shifters to 500,000 gear changes using a mechanical solenoid to press the shifter repeatedly with a force of 24nm, so, far more force than we would expect them see in real use. This is the equivalent of 25,000 laps of Silverstone GP circuit or just under 100,000 miles. There were no signs of wear to the shifters after this.

Supplied in the box

  • Pair of shifters
  • 2 x Aluminium shifter arms
  • 4 x 15x5mm N52 Magnets with Black Epoxy coating if available otherwise silver colour.
  • 4 x M3 6mm long button head bolts for paddles
  • 6 x M3 6mm long button head bolts
  • 1.5mm hex key
  • 2.0mm hex key
  • Set of cables with the 2pin Dupont plug


Each gear shifter has 4 x M3 mounting holes on the base. 3 of these match Ascher Racing's hole pattern and 2 match our existing pattern.


We have adapters to allow these shifters to be fitted to the Fanatec CSW and Podium wheels including the Porsche 918 and BMW GT2. These are really easy to fit and made of matching Aluminium. The adpater option includes the correct cable and all the bolts needed.

Please note that to fit the back cover to the BMW and Porsche 918 wheels, you do need to cut the plastic cover a little.


We have an Aluminium mounting plate to allow these shifter to be fitted to the AccuForce wheel / button box. Made of Aluminium and very easy to fit. The AccuForce uses the standard Dupont cable supplied with the gear shifters.


We have included the same mounting pattern as Asher uses on these shifters. Customers are saying that our shifter is significantly quieter that the Ascher ones. Some of the Ascher wheels need the cable to go under the shifter so we have a carbon fibre plate as an optional extra that can be placed between the wheel and the shifter to allow the bottom plug to be used and for the cable to pass through into the wheel and be fully hidden.