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QR2 Base for SRM Base side Conversion Kit

QR2 Base for SRM Base side Conversion Kit

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For the SRM base side conversion kit version 5x and 5.2x this part allows you to use your Fanatec wheel with the QR2 quick release attached to the wheel.

The product is in high quality Aluminium and Black anodised for a superb finish.

Supplied with the Female pin plug and cable to attach to the SRM base side conversion kit.

If you already have the QR1 version from Sim Racing Bay, this is a direct replacement to allow using the QR2 instead.

Note: I have had a customer report that the bolts holding the back plate to the QR part came loose and it started rattling a little.  If this happens please tighten the bolts again or add some thread lock.  I will start adding thread lock to the next batch I make, but stock in the warehouse might be affected.