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Replacement Cable for CSL wheel Base

Replacement Cable for CSL wheel Base

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Replacement cable for the inside of a Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel base with the newer style plug like this

Before purchasing one of my cables I recommend that you try to get an original replacement from Fanatec first.

  • Automotive gold plated female pins.
  • High quality silicone wire.
  • 12 pin JST 2.0 plug.
  • 3D printed pin housing.
  • Tube cable protector.
  • Cable length 400mm.
This is a beta product and works on my test CSL Elite base. You may need to add a bit of glue to stop the plug pulling out with the wheel.

The original cable has ferrites near the PCB plug. These are not included with the new cable, you may be able to reuse the ones from your original cable, or may not need them at all.