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SRM Shaft Mount for SC2

SRM Shaft Mount for SC2

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Replacement shaft mount for the SimUCube 2 direct drive wheel base.

This product allows you to replace the standard shaft mount on the SC2 so that you can use both the SC2 QR system and also mount any 70mm PCD QR system or a spacer.

The centre hole in the mount is exactly the same diameter as the original part so that it will fit perfectly with the shaft clamp on the SC2.

Made from high quality aluminium to our custom specification. The machined part is sandblasted and then anodised to give an excelent finish.

  • Black Anodised Aluminium
  • 6 x M5 threaded bolt holes on the 70mm PCD
  • 3 x M5 threaded bolt holes to match the SC2 base side QR bolt pattern.
  • Weight 240 gms
  • No bolts are supplied with this part.
  • Very high quality part