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Adapter Fanatec older wheels to QR1 and QR2

Adapter Fanatec older wheels to QR1 and QR2

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Fit the Fanatec QR1 or Fanatec QR2 to older Fanatec wheels.

I'm very sorry but the new aluminium parts for this arrived today (10th June 2024) and I made an error with the new pin mount part eeek, so they will need to be re-made.

SEE BLOG (Click Here)

I would like to hear if you, my valued customers, would be willing to accept either a 3D printed version, or the aluminium ones machined down on my local lathe.  This would mean that most of the black anodising would be missing and some of the part would be silver.

This is not a structural part, it does not need to be strong and is also hidden when the QR is added

I have decided to release the first batch with a 3D printed Pin Mount part.  These have been fully tested and are perfectly good enough.  They just don't look quite as nice.  Images of the actual product with the 3D Printed part below.

  • Universal Hub V1
  • Porsche 918 RSR
  • BMW GT2 V1
  • Formula Black
  • Formula Carbon
  • F1 E-Sports V1

New design from the original version.  This one is specifically designed for the purpose and is 22% shorter than the previous version.

You will need to open your steering wheel to fit this.

Very high quality parts made of Black Anodised aluminium. The new pin plug is my own replacement using Automotive grade pins that are far less likely to break that the original Fanatec ones.