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Emulator V6 Upgrade Standard to Pro

Emulator V6 Upgrade Standard to Pro

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Upgrade you standard SRM emulator V6 to the PRO version by adding this additional PCB.

The PCB in this kit adds headers that allow you to add buttons, gear shifters and an SRM Hat Switch.  There is also a 5V power header so you can power equipment.

  • Pin Header PCB.
  • 3D Printed spacer.
  • Longer M2 bolts.

Fitting is easy.  This PCB includes male pin headers that plug into the main emulator PCB.  Simply remove the 2 M2 bolts / screws holding the PCB in place.  Place the addon PCB into the 3D printed case and then carefully press it onto the main PCB.  Then secure it in place with the longer bolts / screws.