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Male pin part for Fanatec wheel

Male pin part for Fanatec wheel

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Basically it is the part that fits into the wheel side of the Fanatec Quick Release.

This is not a genuine Fanatec part, it is an OEM version made by ourselves.
  • Uses high quality automotive gold plated pins.
  • Pins are crimped onto the wires
  • Case is Injection molded plastic
  • 8 pin or 12 pin cable option.
  • All parts have 13 pins
Does not come with bolts or the metal washer, just the pin plug with cable and either 12pin or 8pin plug for Fanatec wheel PCB.

Cables are 120mm long.

What cable do i need if replacing on a Fanatec wheel

If in any doubt I recommend opening your wheel first and checking which plug you have.

8 Pin JST PH.

JST 8 pin
  • BMW GT2 V1
  • Formula Black, Carbon and Esports V1
  • Porsche 918
  • SRM Emulator for Fanatec Wheelbase

12 Pin JST PH.

JST PH 12 PinJST 12 Pin
  • McLaren GT3 V1
  • McLaren GT3 V2 (Before end August 2021)
  • Formula V2 and F1 Limited Edition Wheels
  • Formula V2.5 (Before end of October 2021)
  • Formula V2.5x (Before end of 2021)
  • Universal Hub V1
  • P1
  • BMW M4 GT3
  • CSL Hub
  • CSL P1 V2
  • WRC
12 Pin HY.

12 Pin HY
  • BMW GT2 V2
  • Club Sport RS
  • Formula V2.5 (from November 2021)
  • Formula V2.5x (from January 2022)
  • Universal Hub V2
  • Universal Hub V2 Xbox
  • McLaren GT3 V2 (From September 2021)