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Shaft Adapter for Fanatec DD1 / DD2 Wheelbase

Shaft Adapter for Fanatec DD1 / DD2 Wheelbase

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This product will allow you to fit a different Quick Release system to a Fanatec DD1 / DD2 wheelbase (DOES NOT FIT CSL or CSW Wheelbases)

  • Aluminum shaft adapter – to clamp to the Podium shaft and give 6 x 50.8 mm hole pattern mounting (3 x threaded and 3 x non-threaded)
  • Very high quality aluminium, lightly sandblasted and then Black Anodised.
  • Light weight but very strong.

This part is just the shaft adapter - you will probably need the emulator add on and a cable.

The photos also show the complete part with the Optional Extras.

    • By adding the Star Shaped Emulator and the Cable you will also get the bolts shown.
    • This will enable you to enable force feedback from the wheelbase with a non Fanatec wheel attached


  • Fit the cable with White / Black / Green wires to the plug with black wires
  • Fit the cable with Red wire to the plug with the Red wires