Tiny SRM Emulator for Fanatec Wheelbase


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A tiny version of my Emulator for Fanatec wheelbases.

Just like the other versions of my Emulator this makes the wheelbase think that a Fanatec wheel is attached and enable force feedback.  Without a Fanatec wheel attached, Fanatec wheelbases do not give any force feedback.

Simple insert this PCB into the base side QR.  You can use a Fanatec QR still but you must not have the pin plug attached otherwise it will bend all of the pins. I will not accept any liability if you damage your wheel’s by forgetting this is attached.

I was asked to make this device and so here it is.

There are NO button plugs on this PCB so all it will do is enable force feedback.

  • Custom PCB
  • 3D printed cover and pull handle
  • 8 x gold plated pins

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