Collection: Newer Fanatec Wheel Conversion Kits

These are the conversion kits that you can use with your steering wheel.

They are for the most modern Fanatec wheels where the Quick Release can be removed and the pin plug is left behind.

The different kits all have the same electronics and do the same thing, they just fit differently.  Some are easier than others.

The different kits:

  • 6.26x - This is the easiest to fit to a wheel.  You do not have to open the wheel, simply remove the Quick release and attach this in it's place.
  • 5x Kit - To fit this you must open the steering wheel and remove the QR pin plug cable, replacing it with the cable from the kit.
  • 5x 3 Part Kit - This is the same as the 5x above, but the case it made of 3 parts which some customers prefer.
  • 5.2x Base side kit - This one is a bit different.  You can fir this to the wheelbase (adapter normally required) and add either a QR1 or QR2 male QR.  Then you can just use it like a Fanatec wheelbase, pushing any Fanatec wheel onto the male QR.  There is no need to modify your wheels at all with this kit.