Fanatec QR1 for CSW DD (Fanatec call this Type-F)

Fanatec QR1 for CSW DD (Fanatec call this Type-F)

I have been asked by many people if I can make a QR1 part for the CSW DD and DD+ wheelbases from Fanatec.

Fanatec said they would offer one and called it Type-F I believe, but we are now nearly half way through 2024 and there is still no sign of it.

So, I have designed one and sent it off for production.  It will be tested and prototyped before making 100 units for sale.  Hopefully everything will work first time.  Certainly my 3D Printed prototype worked perfectly although of course no where near strong enough to actually be used.

The part will be made from Aliminium with my normal black anodised finish.

I expect this to be ready mid to late July.  Lets hope it's good and has no play.

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