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Meet Simon, a sim racing techie

Sim Racing Machines (SRM) is owned by Simon Maltby, a sim racing enthusiast who became frustrated by the lack of products on the market, which prevented him from building his ideal rig. So, he decided to start making them himself.

In 2015, after using the products and realising how great they were, he decided to turn the hobby he is passionate about into a business, so he could share his products with other racers who felt the same frustrations.

His background in motor industry technology means Simon is able to design and develop arguably the most reliable sim racing accessories available on the market. From experience in the corporate world, he knows how to look after your data responsibly, as well as the importance of providing outstanding customer service.

With a core focus on producing conversion kits and emulators for Fanatec, he loves nothing more than finding new opportunities for further product development, forever searching for the ultimate set-up in sim racing technology.

Sim racing accessories made in the UK

Operating from his workshop and office, based near his home in the village of Othery in Somerset, Simon’s prime focus is quality, and as such, he has no plans to expand into the mass market.

Working remotely, away from the rat race, designing and developing sim racing products and accessories is where Simon’s passion lies.

Most of the products sold on this website are designed in-house, using 3D CAD software packages, Fusion 360 and Eagle. For prototyping, Simon uses his onsite CNC, lathe and 3D printers.

Only when he’s satisfied that products work correctly does he get them manufactured by a trusted manufacturer that he has carefully selected.

An online shop with real support

What sets Simon apart from his competitors is the advice he offers to his customers. He prides himself on being well-known within the sim racing community, by offering advice regarding compatibility and available connections between your shifters, steering wheels and wheelbases.

He loves recommending solutions for his customers and does everything he can to keep up with the demand for his products, through holding as much stock as he can and answering questions as quickly as he is able to.

Occasionally, the volume of enquiries and orders can impact response times, but Simon will always keep customers informed during busy periods.

Ethics and values

Although sim racing equipment isn’t always manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way, SRM strives to offset this by operating in the most sustainable way they can.

Where possible, any packaging received is reused or recycled. Products dispatched by SRM are packed in recyclable packaging wherever possible. When parceling up products, only paper packaging tape is used, with natural glue.

The solar panels at the SRM office generate enough power to run the day-to-day work and workshop, making the business as energy efficient as possible too.

And, last, but certainly not least, SRM believes in treating people fairly at all times, whether a customer, a supplier or a brand partner. By doing this their reputation for quality will continue to grow year after year, which in turn will increase the customer base.

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