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Accuforce / B-G / NRG Mounting plate

Accuforce / B-G / NRG Mounting plate

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Mounting system for these QR's that can be bolted to a wheel from the back.
The Accuforce style QR is great when you can bolt through the wheel into the QR because the QR is threaded, but that does not make it easy to fit to our conversion kits. This is the solution.

This mounting plate comes in two parts. Bolt one part to the QR and the other side to one of our conversion kits or direct to your steering wheel. Then you can bolt the two parts together.

Can bolt to a 70mm PCD hole pattern on the wheel.

This allows you to attach or remove the QR with ease.

Made from high quality black anodised Aluminium to our own design. Supplied with a selection of bolts so you should have everything needed.