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Conversion Kit 5x

Conversion Kit 5x

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Convert your Fanatec wheel to USB
Conversion kit for Fanatec wheels.

  • SRM PCB version 5.x with USB data protection and filtering.
  • Coiled USB cable with choke for better interference protection.
  • Full control of firmware, so I can develop this without relying on a third party
Build from the highest quality materials that are beautifully finished. No 3D printed parts.
I have designed every part of the conversion kit personally. Everything is custom made either by me or for me.
Every kit is assembled by my hand in the UK
I have designed a one piece Aluminum casing to replace the 3 part existing design.
This design will only allow fitting of 70mm PCD QR or Wheelbase, which nearly everyone uses.
Has both threaded and non-threaded bolt holes so threaded and non-threaded QR's can be used without the need for any additional adapter.
The USB cable is in the middle rather than offset to one side.

The Kit includes...

  • Aluminum mounting parts
  • Fitted coiled USB cable
  • HY 12 pin cable
  • HY to 12 pin JST adapter
  • 6 x M5 16mm CAP bolts with black coating
  • 1 x M5 10mm CAP bolt with black coating

Fitting the conversion...

Fitting instructions can be found in the INSTRUCTIONS Tab on this page.
Please check the Compatibility Tab to ensure this is the correct kit for your wheel