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McLaren Wheel Gear Shifter Set (SRM 2nd Edition)

McLaren Wheel Gear Shifter Set (SRM 2nd Edition)

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Custom made gear shifters for the Fanatec McLaren steering wheel.
These are a new design based on my well respected Carbon Fibre gear shifters. The new version are made to make them easier to fit to the Fanatec McLaren steering wheel.

Whats new?

  • Easier to fit than my previous version.
  • No cutting or drilling of the steering wheel.
  • Upgrade is fully reversable.
  • Mixture of Carbon Fibre and 3D print.
  • Plug for cable on shifter so it can be removed without opening the wheel again.
The main body of the shifter and the shifter arm are the same as my existing versions.
  • 3mm thick multi layer real carbon fibre
  • Cherry IP67 micro switch
  • Black steel pin
  • Ball Bearings on the arm for smooth reliable action
  • Black coated N52 5x15mm magnets
To make these I have changed the bottom and back carbon fibre parts with a custom 3D printed part. This part as an integral part of the gear shifter and allows it to be attached to the wheel via the QR bolts. I have also made the bottom of the 3D part so that it fits into the magnet hole on the wheel.

New - Want to see what the shifter looks like in CAD look here (You can open it up and look inside and move around it in 3D)...

To fit...

  • Fanatec McLaren GT3 V1 *
  • Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2
Please note that to use with the QR2 Lite you will need an extra adapter.


  • 2 x Gear shifters with McLaren paddles fitted
  • 2 x Carbon Fibre mounting plates
  • 2 x JST PH 2.0 to Larger plugs on the wheel.
  • 4 x M3 or M2.5 x 8mm Black button head bolts


Proper guide to follow but these are the basic steps:
  1. Open the McLaren wheel
  2. Undo the wheel PCB
  3. Remove the Orange shifter paddle
  4. Remove the standard magnets
  5. McLaren V2
  6. Remove the shifter plug and optionally the shifter microswitches
  7. Fit the new cable to the wheel PCB plug and poke the cable through the magnet hole
  8. McLaren V1 -
  9. Cut the big plug off the new cable
  10. Solder the cable to the pad on the wheel PCB
  11. Poke the cable out of the magnet hole
  12. Re-fit the wheel PCB
  13. Remove the rubber insets on the shifter risers
  14. Plug the cable into the back of the shifter.
  15. Push the shifter into place on the wheel
  16. Remove the 2 bolts from the wheel QR
  17. Fit the Shifter mount to both the Shifter (2 x M3 or M2.5 bolts) and the QR
I also offer a fitting service for UK customers. You must ship me your wheel at your own cost. I will then fit the shifters and return the wheel to you. I can offer this service for other areas, but shipping to the UK from overseas is rather expensive.

* V1 wheel requires some soldering.