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Replacement Gear Shifter Set for Fanatec Wheels

Replacement Gear Shifter Set for Fanatec Wheels

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Replacement gear shifter set for the Fanatec Formula Wheel Rim. Carbon Fibre and with a snap action. Easy to fit. One of the best upgrades you can buy for this wheel.

Replacement shifters for the Fanatec Formula wheel.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new gear shifters for the Fanatec Formula wheel rim.

If these are not in stock we can normally make and ship them in 2 days.

New version launched 16th Feb 2018. With several improvements the new version has a stronger 3mm carbon fibre arm and the shifter is a little wider. These changes make the shifter stronger and drastically reduce flex. The tolerances are improved as well making a better finished item.

From the 1st October 2019 these shifters now have a metal bearing on the shaft and we treat the arm sides with anti friction material to give a smoother feel.

Will fit the following Fanatec wheels
  • Formula F1
  • Formula Carbon F1
  • ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports
  • Universal Hub (Requires spacer kit which is included)
  • F1 2018 Limited Edition (Requires spacer kit which is included)
  • F1 2019 Limited Edition (Requires spacer kit which is included)
  • Formula V2 (Requires spacer kit which is included)
  • Podium Hub (Has different cable plug)
Different paddles are available.


The magnets used as standard are 15mm diameter N52 strength rare earth of the highest quality. During our research we found that not all magnets are the same quality and strength despite having the same specification. We supply with 5mm tall magnets. The magnets are lightly glued in place, we can offer a set of each size and not glue them so you can try both sizes. be warned though they are very brittle and can break easily when changing them over.

Transform your Fanatec wheel...

Quality assured...

Our gear shifters are a high quality construction made from solid carbon fiber and rare earth magnets. This gives a really solid and positive gear change feel. The shifter is compact and light.

  • Made from multi-layer carbon fiber.
  • High strength N52 rare earth magnets.
  • Stainless steel axis.
  • Cherry IP67 micro switch.
  • Supplied as a pair.
Each shifter is made using a CNC mill and the parts are then hand finished and assembled.

Simple to fit...

The design of the gear shifter makes changing over from the standard a very quick and easy process. You do not need to take the wheel apart, simply remove the two bolts holding on the original shifter using the supplied 4mm hex key and use the same bolts to fit the new one. The shifter cable has the correct plug at the end to slot straight into the Fanatec wheel, so again, no messing about with soldering.

Fitting the bolts...

Because the new shifters are a little wider to give additional strength and rigidity, you need a good quality ball end hex key to fit them... This is now included in the box with the shifter set. You will need to install them using the ball end of the hex key at an angle and tighten each side a little at a time. This is even more important if using the Universal Hub Spacer, but we promise fitting is not difficult and works perfectly with the supplied hex key.

Take a few minutes to watch our installation video to see just how easy it is...