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Replacement Knob for Fanatec wheels

Replacement Knob for Fanatec wheels

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Many customers have been asking me to produce a replacement for the rotary switch knobs that Fanatec supply on the McLaren and Formula V2 style wheels.
  • New version from July 2023.
  • The new version has the grub screw on both ends of the knob. This allows better fitting to all three rotaries where the Centre one was difficult to fit with the single grub screw hole.
  • Supplied with the grub screws and a hex key.
  • Available in Red or black.
  • The original knobs are made of plastic and can often crack. They just push onto the plastic shaft of the rotary switches using a D shape to hold them in place.
  • My replacements are made from custom machined Aluminium, which is then anodised and laser engraved. The D shape was too expensive to produce so I have opted for a round inside shape with a metal grub screw to hold the knob in place.
  • These are beautifully made and finished. The Aluminium is lightly sandblasted before anodising.
  • For the McLaren GT3 wheels and the Formula V2, V2.5, V2.5x and F1 Limited Edition wheels.
  • These can be used on other wheels and rotary switches / encoders where the shaft is no bigger than 6.25mm diameter.
Warning: Do not over tighten the grub screw as the switch shaft is just plastic.