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SIM LAB Xero-Play QR Base Side (Black)

SIM LAB Xero-Play QR Base Side (Black)

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SIM LAB Xero Play QR Base Side part in Black

SIM LAB 0026-ZY-01 Body VB2 (Black)

The XERO-PLAY Steering wheel Quick Release offers a truly play-free long-lasting quick-release solution for your Direct Drive wheelbase. The parts are machined from alloy steel components and assembled with great precision to deliver constant performance. This XERO-PLAY Quick-release is developed especially for Direct-Drive systems to be able to cope with extreme forces and vibrations.

The wheel-side operates by pulling the ring which makes the wheel de-couple from the base side. These play-free Quick-Release system inner workings is based upon the conical shaft on the motor side. This Quick release is standard equipped with a 70 mm industry standard bolt pattern, additionally, other wheel sides can be purchased.
  • Motor-side base or wheel-side
  • Hardware for most common situations
  • Allen-key for adjusting the tension


The total height of the assembly is 65 mm.