Collection: Older Fanatec wheel Conversion Kits

Your steering wheel is the older style. This means that the Quick release has the pin plug as a physical part of it and to remove the QR you have to open your steering wheel.

We have two different conversion kits that you can use with this wheel.

  • 5x Lite - This is a conversion that attaches to the steering wheel.  To fit this kit you need to open your steering wheel and remove the Quick Release together with the pin plug.  Then attach the conversion kit.
  • 5.2x Base side kit - This one is a bit different.  You can fir this to the wheelbase (adapter normally required) and add either a QR1 or QR2 male QR.  Then you can just use it like a Fanatec wheelbase, pushing any Fanatec wheel onto the male QR.  There is no need to modify your wheels at all with this kit.